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Special Shout outs!!

A BIG BIG thank you to my amazing Husband!! He has pushed me to stay motivated when I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Listened to me and all of my crazy ideas lol! He also put a lot of money into this new business, I appreciate him!! Love you Boo!!!

Special Thanks to my Dad for helping me with my vision.. He put A LOT of hard work into Miley, I can't thank him enough. He is a Jack of All Trades, I don't think there's anything he can't do. He has done an amazing job!! Don't you agree? Thank you, Dad!! I love you!!

Last but not least, Christine from Tasty Treats! (She's in my IG friends list) She allowed me to setup along with other vendors (at a Pop-up she hosted) so that I could get a little experience and get my name out there. Thank you!! I greatly appreciate you for that!!

IMG_20211110_171221290 (1).jpg
IMG_20211110_102124999 (1).jpg
IMG_20211110_152529130_HDR (1).jpg

Hey Dad!!

Building the Shelving.

Window Frame going in!!

Special Thanks!!: Bar Products
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